Have a look at what fab creations we can make for you, every thing is fully customisable and bespoke to you and your event. Everything is designed and built by a highly trained balloon builder.

Big or small we can handle it all, wether it be some simple balloons for a children’s birthday party or a complete balloon decor installation for a wedding or corporate event, we have it covered.

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De Ferrers 6th Form College Balloon Bouquets 2019

Latex Balloon Bouquets

Latex balloons in different colours and sizes make stunning floor or table displays. The balloons will be treated so they last for up to a week, plus. Loads of colours and combinations available.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Balloons

Latex & Foil Balloon Mixed Bouquets

Latex and foil balloons in different colours, designs and sizes make stunning floor or table displays. The latex balloons will be treated so last for up to a week. The foils do not need treating and can last for weeks.

Christmas Balloon Arch

Balloon Arches

Balloon Arches are a fantastic way to create a focal point or mark an entrance at any special occasion. They are very popular for corporate events, Weddings and Parties alike. We can do these in a smaller size so they fit on a table and go over a wedding or birthday cake, creating a stunning eye-catching feature. They are fully customisable by colour and size.

Village Hall Christmas Garland

Balloon Garlands

Balloon Garland or Swags are a fantastic way to decorate a venue and are available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit any celebration.

Sainsbury's Self Service Celebrations

Balloon Columns

Balloon columns are very popular for corporate events, Weddings and Parties alike. We can use 2 colours to create a swirl or stacked effect going up the column and then finish it off with a 16" Orb, shape or number balloon. They are fully customisable by colour, balloon design and size.

Pink Balloon Cluster

Balloon Wall

Balloon walls create an amazing focal point at weddings or corporate events. They can be used as a background or even be made int a photo booth. Available in a wide range of colours and styles.

Large Love Balloon

Giant Numbers & Letters

These are a fab item to add to any occasion. Both letters and numbers are available in a variety sizes and colours. These can be air filled or filled with helium and have ribbon and heavy duty weights on them.

Small Balloon Decorations

These are the most popular form of balloon decoration and are ideal for any occasion. They are commonly used as table centres at weddings or gifts for birthdays or baby showers. These are air filled and will last for days, they are not as sensitive as helium balloons are. We can make these up with any balloon colour combination to fit in with your theme, and finish them off with either an 11" Latex, 18" Foil or 16" Orbz.

Love Balloon Boxes

Balloon Boxes

These balloon boxes make a fab decoration for any event, they are custom to your requirements and can be filled with any colour balloon or mix of. They can have letters put on them to say anything you like.

Batman Airwalker

Air Walker Balloons

We have a huge variety of air walkers available. Fantastic for children's parties, we have provided these for weddings too. Designs include Bride & Groom, Disney characters, Minions, PJ Masks, Pepa Pig, Spiderman etc.

Kids Party, Party Balloons, Kids Balloon

Party Favours

These are a fun idea for any birthday or wedding etc. They are fully bespoke to you and can be personalised. These are designed to be given out as gifts at parties or weddings etc

Balloon In A Box

Why not send a Balloon In A Box as a unique gift for somebody. Delivered anywhere in the UK to a house or work place. The price includes an 18" Foil balloon fully inflated with helium, ribbon, luxury weight, balloon box, tissue paper and delivery! Hows that for service.

Gender Reveal Balloons

Gender Reveal

Create an unforgettable moment with our huge gender reveal balloons. Available in different sizes and designs. They come with either pink or blue confetti as standard, other items may be able to be put in with the confetti too, such as smaller balloons or feathers etc. These can be filled with helium, hung or built into a balloon decoration.

Personalise Your Balloons


The right balloon decoration can really make somebody's day even more special or advertise a charity or corporate event. Why not make it even better by getting us to personalise your balloon decorations?

We can add letters or numbers to your balloon decorations using our own special vinyl printer. Contact us for further information.

Wedding Venue Decorating

Venue Decoration

Why not let us transform your venue with balloon decor guaranteed to impress your guests as they walk in. Whatever the event, we can make it memorable with our fully insured, bespoke balloon service. Contact us for further Information.

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